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Market Briefs: Q1 Recap and Q2 Outlook

Market Briefs: Q1 Recap and Q2 Outlook

June 28, 2022
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It’s our mission to provide our clients with a timely market commentary of the prior quarters financial market performance, key economic releases, and current developments.

Please see the most recent quarterly market recaps and outlooks from our partners at AssetMark. 

Kezia Samuel: Q1 Market Review

The war in Ukraine, surging inflation, and rising interest rates led markets lower in the first quarter. While US equities saw its first quarterly loss in two years, bonds had its worst quarter in 20 years. AssetMark's Kezia Samuel, VP of Client Portfolio Management, outlines market conditions of Q1, 2022. 

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David Gibbins: Follow the Leaders

The combination of a slowing Leading Economic Index® (LEI) and the Fed announcing a significant reduction in monetary accommodation has understandably unnerved investors. But is a “Fed policy error”—that is, inducing a recession—a foregone conclusion? David Gibbins, Deputy Chief Investment Officer with Assetmark, discusses the current economic landscape. 

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Zoe Brunson: Shattered Sentiment + Market Volatility = Opportunity

With the shattering of investor sentiment in the first quarter and volatility rising as equities and bonds moved in the same downward direction, questions about what to do with portfolios abound. Zoe Brunson, Chief Investment Strategist with AssetMark, discusses current inflation trends and the bond market. 

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