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Your End-of-Summer Checklist

August 11, 2021
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Your End-of-Summer Checklist

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by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

Before summer slips away, be sure you check these off your (sand) bucket list …

Most of us still are waiting for the relaxation summer promises. Some of us are starting to realize the season may not deliver this scenario. Unusual work schedules, school-free kids, summer camps, and sports leave those high expectations for fun and downtime unmet.

Before you greet September, here are several summer musts. If you never spend a day floating on a raft in your pool or anyone else’s, at least you will have sufficiently experienced the essence of summer!

Try a new workout. These last weeks of summer are a great time to try a new Group Fitness class or different exercise equipment. Find something fresh to keep you engaged when life tempts you in other directions (trip to lake versus your usual sweat session). These new workouts will become comfortable by fall when you’ll need to adjust to life’s new schedule with all of its madness. Click to read more.