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Conversation With an Estate Planning Attorney

Conversation With an Estate Planning Attorney

February 27, 2024

Conversation With an Estate Planning Attorney

 What Issues Do Families Face When a Loved Ones Passes Away?

It's often brought up that the disbursement is unfair. Discrepancies from the past start to come into play that the estate planner was completely unaware existed. Without the head of the family around to quell these issues, families argue over the division of the estate. 

 Can We Change The Estate Plan to Cover These Expenses?

No, not while waiting for a death certificate. Nothing can be changed until the new ownership has transferred. Until then, it's up to the family to figure out a way to manage the expenses during those first 30...45...60 days--the vacuum period. However, a Beneficiary Liquidity Plan® can be put into place before, to ensure money is available to the family during the vacuum period.   

Talking About Sex Won't Get You Pregnant... 

Talking about dying won’t make you die. No one wants to talk about the end of their life. But prepared or not, it is still going to happen. And there will always be a cost associated with it whether it's the simplest of cremations or the most traditional of funerals.

Having a Beneficiary Liquidity Plan® will give families peace of mind from the financial stress so they can focus on the hundreds of decisions that will need to be made.

Don’t take it from me.  We interviewed a 3rd generation estate planning attorney whose family has over 100 years of experience. In episode five, we talk about the realities of the death process and how to prevent family fractures. Follow link for informative video.

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