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Fedsavvy® Educational Solutions

As federal employers, U.S. agencies are mandated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to provide benefit training for their employees. This training should be provided by high-quality educators with not only significant knowledge of federal benefits but also insight into how to maximize those benefits in the context of the real world.

FedSavvy Educational Solutions is a national network of high-caliber advisors who have had extensive training in federal benefits along with practical training on how to utilize this information to help federal employees optimize their federal benefits and retirement. We have provided training at more than 100 agencies nationwide. FedSavvy founder Carol Schmidlin has been working with federal employees for over 10 years. Carol provides high-impact training on employee and retirement benefits for federal agencies throughout the country.

We provide one- and two-day retirement classes for CSRS and FERS pre-retirees, FERS mid-career and FERS early career. Please contact us for a course agenda.

We also provide one-hour programs to inform and educate on specific topics related to federal benefits, called Brown Bag programs. These programs are designed to be held in your agency once per quarter. You select four topics from the menu. Most agencies either survey their employees to find out what programs they are most interested in or, at the end of the first Brown Bag presentation, they chose what other topics they would like to see at future workshops.

We would love the opportunity to present the Brown Bag training programs at your agency. These programs can be added as a supplement to other educational programs your employees may have access to. For 2017, we will provide two complimentary workshops on site, if an instructor is in your geographic area. Otherwise, these can be provided via webinar.


I really enjoyed your seminar. Very few financial advisors seem to understand federal benefits and the ins and outs of them all. I thought the information was very enlightening with lots of good tidbits of helpful information, things many people wouldn’t have a clue about. And, believe me, I’ve attended numerous seminars, both inside and outside the federal system, on retirement planning. Yours was extremely helpful.

I also recommended to a few people that they watch the seminar if it is available via recording.
- Elaine